Brief Introduction and Background of the Project.
It also includes the mission and objective:

The project aims to create resource-efficient waste management systems to reduce U-POPs emissions through the introduction BAT/BEP in open burning sources and achieve a reduction of approx. 90% of current PCDD/PCDF releases at the pilot demonstration activities in the participating countries. The project components include (i) Legislation Improvement; (ii) Institutional Strengthening; (iii) Demonstration Activities on pilot sites and (iv) Education and Awareness Raising.

The project will provide the opportunity for involving national stakeholders, such as ministries, municipalities, local authorities, research and academic institutions, and universities and environmental NGO as executing partners. The private sector will be tapped to participate in the project. Pilot demonstration activities will address selected dumpsites, landfills and villages. These enterprises will be the key stakeholders in implementing BAT/BEP, and making a shift from burning of waste to recycling or re-use. 

The project was officially approved for full implementation by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) in February 2015. Thus, the meeting will provide a venue for the holding of the Inception Workshop for the project “Demonstration of BAT and BEP in Open Burning Activities in Response to the Stockholm Convention on POPs”.


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