Mission report on visit to Thakek, Khammouan Province Lao PDR

Mission report on visit to Thakek, Khammouan Province Lao PDR

Mission report on visit to Thakek, Khammouan Province Lao PDR

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Mission report on visit to Thakek, Khammouan Province Lao PDR

Prepared by Virasack CHUNDARA National Project Manager

1. Name: Virasack CHUNDARA (National Project Manager)

2. Places visited: Thakek District, Khammouan Province

3. Dates: 15-19th November 2021

4. Purpose of visit: Inspection of MRF equipment supplied to Thakek landfill site and monitoring the construction progress of landfill site.

5. Participants: 1. Mr. Virasack CHUNDARA, National Project Manager

2.Mr. Khamhou Tounalom, National Project Director, 3.Mr. Vongphet SITHAVONG, Deputy Head of Environmental Research Division (NRESRI).

6. Achievements:

DAY I: Monday, 15th November 2021

  • The team members departed from Vientiane capital to Thakek, Khammouan province and reached the province on the same day. Thakek district is located in Khammouan province which is about 370Km from Vientiane capital.
  • Short meeting with UDAA to discuss about the objective and plan of the mission. Mr. Virasack, national project manager briefly introduced the purpose and objective of the missions. He also briefly explained about the project achievement and plan activities and also discussed with UDAA on the preparation and readiness of organizing the workshop on Operation and maintenance of the MRF, Environment and Health safety on solid waste

DAY 2 and DAY 3: Tuesday and Wednesday, 16-17th  November 2021

–    Due to the wide spread of Covid -19 and restriction of provincial government on implementation of project activities, the team together with Thakek UDAA and A3 Association Co., Ltd jointly organized training on solid waste management, impact of solid waste on health, operation and maintenance of the material recovery facility. The training was organized on Tuesday and Wednesday, 16-17th in theory and 18th November 2021 was a practical training at the MRF and landfill site.  The training chaired by Mrs. Vongpachanh Sibunheaung, the head of Thakek UDAA and Mr. Virasack Chundara, national project manager. The participants joined the workshop include; staffs from UDAA, waste collecting companies. The training highlighted the important and role solid waste management, solid waste impact on environment and human health, the role of UNIDO, the Project on “Demonstration of BAT and BEP in Open Burning Activities in Response to the Stockholm Convention on POPs”, the role of MRF, operation and maintenance of MRF.

DAY 4: Thursday, 18th November 2021  

– Visit the landfill site and joined practical training on operation and maintenance of the equipment. The equipment at the material recovery facility has been success fully installed and running test of the equipment went well. The equipment was tested with full load of waste material. The team requested

– Briefed meeting with UDAA on the preparation for the next step. It was requested UDAA to inform the governor of the Thakek about the completion and successful installation and running test of the equipment. UDAA is also requested consider future plan to set up the responsible committee to overseen and management of the equipment to ensure sustainability use of the equipment. The UDAA was informed that the equipment is still in the possession of UNIDO and ministry of natural resources and environment until it is officially transfer to the province. Thakek UDAA has been requested to come up or develop the work plan or the possible cooperation with private sector how to use and operate the MRF in sustain manner.

DAY 5: Friday, 19th November 2021

  • The team returned back to Vientiane.


    • Based on the observation, the material recovery facility is working well and all material flows and amount of waste receiving daily has been recording.
    • The local government requested UNIDO to provide recommendation on the management of MRF in the future, including possible options for cooperation with private sector.
    • The MRF supplier; A3 association Co., LTD to develop manual for operation and maintenance of equipment in local language.

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